Monday, September 9, 2019

Oscar Doe Accuses Government For Allowing Evil-Minded People To Use Government Machinery To Destroy Businesses of Well-To-Do Ghanaians

Oscar Yao Doe has yet again lashed out Nii Amanor Dodoo and Co, over their involvement in the recent collapse of Unibank and other locally owned financial institutions in Ghana.

The businessman again reinforced his accusation against Nii Amanor Dodoo, Governor of Bank of Ghana, Dr Ernest Addison and the Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta in a fresh public post this morning, where he accused certain evil-minded people of using state machinery to destroy the businesses of some well-to-do Ghanaians.

He however questioned the motives of these men behind the act, capable of throwing the country's economy into jeopardy.

Read the post below..

When I Discovered That Some Dark, Evil-Minded People Are Using Machinery Of Government To Destroy Many Well-To-Do Ghanaians' Businesses, Especially Owners of Banks (And Others) In The Financial Sector, With A Banking Scandal Created By (Some) Baby Idiots, I Became Curious And Asked Why?

Because, If You Destroy Ghanaian Businesses, If You"WEAKEN" them And You Think Everyone Will Shut Their Mouth And Also You Think It Has Made You Become Powerful, (Then) BUILD A CATHEDRAL! GHANA CANNOT GO BEYOND Aid! This is a 1960s & 70's Mindset. It Cannot Stand The"Test of Time". THE Truth!

We Deserve A Ghana (Where) Everyone is Taking Along, (Where) Everyone is Pulled Up With Aspirations For Their Dreams, (The Oscar Style) (We Don't Need A Ghana Where) Businesses Are Killed With State Institutions, (Using) OUTDATED LAWS. STOP IT!

Why Dr Ernest Addison Is An Empty-Headed Governor (For BoG) . It's Simple: I Wrote 2 Letters To Bank of Ghana To Settle My Own Account Reconciliation, It Took Them Six Months To Write Me A Nonsense, Empty-Headed Response.

Why The Courts In Ghana Are Finding it Difficult To Trust Nii Amanor Dodoo.. It's Simple! NII AMANOR DODOO Lied To The Police On Records. Nobody Can Trust Amanor. Mr Dodoo And The Truth Are Enemies: See Clear Example In Pictures Above; AN Undertaking Amanor Drafted, (That) He Couldn't Even Honor. And I Honoured My Part Instantly.

(And This Is) Why Nii Amanor & Dr Addison Are Confused... They Destroyed Local Banks On 20-03-2018. When Unibank Was Ill And Needed Cooperation to Pay The Moneys Government Contractors Owed Them. Instead, BOG Sent A Dishonest Butcher, NII AMANOR DODOO To Kill (The Bank) In AUGUST 2018.

Laughable (Enough), Yesterday, Nii Amanor Dodoo Claimed Through The News Media That He Has Turned Himself Into A Ghost of Unibank, And That He Is Taking Unibank Owners to Court. Meanwhile He Forgotten Himself Was The Lead Butcher With Criminal Intent To KILLED UNIBANK.

The Court May Ask Which Unibank Are You Talking About? Is It The Unibank That People Ganged Up Against To Destroy? Or Perhaps A New Unibank Has Been Formed With The Following Shareholders; Nii Amanor Dodoo, Ken Ofori-Atta, Ernest Addison & Co?

Are We Sure These Guys Have Ghana's Interests At Heart? Big NO! Without Any Doubt In My Mind. Time Will Tell! THE Truth!

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