Monday, September 9, 2019

Guest Feature: Aku's Diary - LIFE IS ONLY SIX (6) FEET LONG

So, after releasing my last article “A NEW WIND”, a friend asked me to revert to motivational writings than political. I will do both actually, and this piece is meant to encourage, rebuke suicide and to remind you that life is only six feet long.

I am mostly sunk into my phone so much so that I have missed a lot that the environment inspires. Of course, every writer thrives on inspiration either from within or around.

Having closed from work and on my way back, the bus drove past a cemetery.

Seeing a cemetery isn’t any newer than seeing a loved one die. This cemetery was vast land carrying thousands of dearly beloved souls. The numbers scared me, like, so all these people once lived like I am alive now?

I mean, they worried, laughed, cried, mourned and have been mourned. Death is an unavoidable trap set with a bait, our desires and emotions will mostly influence when we will fall in the trap.

I watched those thousands whose tombs were very well crafted and I quizzed, why do we live only to die? But if we did not die, will we have need for reproduction? Life must come to an end.

Point is, you may not be able to determine when you will die, but you can influence how you die – by the choices, decisions you make and how you live!

A friend recently said to me: “as for you, you don’t care what people think”. Truth is, I actually do! I just don’t live trying to control what people understand or believe or perceive of me. I mean, I don’t try to please them. I live life!

You know the challenges you face behind closed doors, you know the pain you go through everyday, people don’t! You know the battles you fight. Also, I don’t compete, I set my own pace, break my own record and celebrate with myself.

I have no expectations from people because politics has taught me that people are in the trade of interests, so they only give where they receive.

However old you are; whatever wealth you acquire, still your life is only six (6) feet long. Live life. Let Love Lead.

Let your speech be kind, empathize and sympathize, in the end we will all go six feet down and memories are the only thing that will keep us connected.

Actually wrote this amidst tears, reminiscing all the beautiful people death laid its icy hands on. Opinions matter, wealth matters, success matters, but most importantly, do you because you matter!

I’m still Gifty Aku Hlordjie and I maintain that your 🌞Sun Shall Soon Shine🌞


#NoToSuicide #SuicideIsNotAnOption #LiveLife

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