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Saturday, June 24, 2017

PHOTOS: Girl Talk 2017 May Hangout With The “Guys” & Ghanaian Actor Adjetey Anang

The Vitamilk Girl Talk Monthly Birthday Hangout has been a remarkable event since its inception. 

After numerous surprises, 12 solid months of fun and excitements, liked and loved female celebrities cum personalities have had their share of the cake.

Noted for innovation, Girl Talk has put unexpected but pleasant twists to the experience.  

Randomly, regular ladies on their social media platforms are selected for the experience twice every month and male celebrities who deliver them a cake and other presents surprise them.

This initiative is such that, randomly selected ladies will be thrilled to hangout with male celebrities, hence the second edition of MAY hangout dubbed “Hangout With The Guys”.

Twenty-five lucky ladies were treated to a grand dinner with renowned actor Adjetey Anang at Lord of the Wings, East Legon on Friday. The event was fun filled with interesting activities like pick and act, table football amidst educative discussions.

Other May born who weren’t selected had the chance to join the fun and interact with Adjetey Anang and climaxed the night by cutting the Girl Talk birthday cake from Oriental Ghana.

Vitamilk Ghana and Lord of the Wings sponsored the May Super Hangout. Oriental cakes also supported the event.

To get to be a part of these excitements all you need to do is like Girl Talk World on Facebook, follow girltalkworld on instagram and just drop your birth date and or that of a loved one.

Please note that your birth date will only register if you and follow.