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Friday, June 9, 2017

Allianz Awards 2017 To Celebrate Ghanaians Who Dare To Achieve Their Dreams Beyond Challenges

Allianz Ghana, an established stakeholder in the Ghanaian insurance market, in collaboration with OAfrica, will on Saturday 17 June, 2017 present the “Allianz Awards 2017,” a special ceremony to recognize individuals who have gone above and beyond all kinds of difficulties to achieve their dreams.

This event will take place at the National Theatre. Speaking about the event, Managing Director of Allianz Ghana, Mr. Patrick Prado said the Allianz Awards 2017 are all about “celebrating Ghanaian men and women who have defied all odds to prove that the world belongs to those who dare.”
Allianz Awards 2017 promises to be a magical night with music performances by Efya, an icon of girl power, and M.anifest, one of the top emcees in Ghana, and others. The Ghana amputee football team, “The Black Challenge” will also be presented as event ambassadors.

The awards to be presented on the night will take the form of the Adinkra symbol Kwatekye Atiko, which represents bravery, valor, fearlessness and leadership.  This ancient symbol has four bars – said to symbolize arms and legs – pointing out in opposite directions and two spirals curling in towards the center.

The bars remind us to reach out and grasp what can help us or protect ourselves by warding off what cannot.

The spirals encourage us to look within ourselves – mind and spirit – for the strength to endure, the wisdom to make the right choices and the patience to await things all in their proper time.

In this way Kwatekye Atiko reminds us not only to hope, but also gather all the facts, learn all we can about what we are up against and then focus on what can be done.