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Thursday, April 20, 2017


“Up Again” is a Ghanaian Hip Hop song by Helel ft Kobla Jnr. The song was produced by T-Nyce and mixed by Trace.

The Video which was shot location in Accra Ghana by SP was inspired by Martin Solveig’s music video for “Hello”.

In an interaction with Hele he disclosed that the aim was to do something unconventional (that is having no performance shots). He said “We felt that we wanted to do something a bit different and fun” he added.
“Up Again” Music video talks about a lowly basket ball player who doesn’t give up, inspired by his love interest (the girl) watching his basket ball game, he and his team defeated opponents.

So he is able to rise UP AGAIN, by believing in himself, which was powered by the girls presence. That According to Helel is the idea behind the actual song.


1st Verse

Never been type to seem tough
pull or bite or punch
haters got them test like
each and every month
running on the hype
maybe take a dump
IBS make me sloth
then I miss my lunch
patterns colored on a kite elevated
your minds in a trunk
I’m in a funk like
Doc what the fuck is up
wrap me in a cloth not a bluff fam
this is not a gun its my blunt hand
this is not for fun its for
grams, lands and bitches
switches to grand mansions
in Bali, Lagos and Texas
space, Mars, Accra or Johannesburg
plant me in the ground
I’ll grow up like a turn


I’m going down
all the way down
to the ground
but I’ll rise back up again

2nd Verse

On that loud shit yh we elevated
Shody with me all night now she hell of faded
Up and down dick all night like she in an elevator
Do turn it up a bit shit is elevated

Diddy Bop right now
Dab one time right now
Take off in a benz right now
My swag gon leave her in a trance right now

Always winning right now
My team got next right now
We all dey gym so we flex right now
I just wana see who gon test right now

Yeah yeah yeah
Shobidobi ba hey
Eny3 kple ny3 lolovi
We leaving these days
The way we party no bi for the Meek
We litty these days
Round of shots going down tonight
Moro we do it all again

3rd Verse

Climb up like Spider man
chilling in a caravan
drunk just say when
high I can’t pretend
I’m talking less
but still making ends
I know you comprehend
picture perfect calibrated
I saw myself in me assimilated
opened up my eyes to the lies
and my mind to the prize
now I’m highly celebrated
and self motivated
style unique and antiquated
but y’all still feel me though
who knew from the shit in the ground
a diamond would grow.