Friday, February 8, 2019

Guest Feature: A Young And Rising Writer Has Started A Project Dubbed "Life Changing Scenes" And Guess Who The First Episode Is On?

This story is about a breakthrough that started since the 20th Century. For many, his success story is about his career, but for me, it's about how he has kept a happy family.

If you were born in the 20th century, I'm sure you'll know him by his songs:

One Gallon One Gallon de3 memmp3 ooo (3×)

Does that song ring a bell? What about:

"Small Small ooo

Grow together...

Future millionaire nso 3nn3 de3 mey3 pesewanaire

Menny3 bad mey3 good, odo better me eh…

Small small ooo...

You know him yet?

Dear readers, 

Our first story is on Mr. Kwame Nsiah Appau aka. The RAP DOCTOR! Alias OKYEAME KWAME!

This is what the Rap Doctor had to say about the conditions surrounding his growth:

"I was born to an accountant father and a trader mother. Both were educated and had high moral standards. We grew up in Fante New Town, a suburb of Kumasi, it was like a shanty town but I lived in a plush house with a decent Water Closet unlike the other indigenes. I attended a "syto" type of school; St Joseph Experimental School, and finally ended in Tech.

We were not poor or rich but I wanted to become a rapper and my parents didn't have the type of money to set me up to become a successful musician. When I did the National Service, I spent all the money on recording demos.

Okyeame Kofi was also selling children's clothing and then we spent all our profits on recording demos. When we finally had a decent demo, we shopped it around and we found a man called Andrew Opoku Amankwah. He paid for our first recording in 1997 and that was how we got our breakthrough."

So, that's about his struggle. The Rap Doctor seemed to have had a tough time building his career. He had to invest every penny he earned into it. While you're out there thinking your national service allowance is too small to start anything, people who received less than half of what you are receiving now, in the 90s were able to support their ambition with it. And finally, someone who saw their hard work gave them a breakthrough.

When asked his advice to people growing up in his situation, he had this to say:

"My advice to people growing up like me is simple; when you are looking for help, you have to help yourself first. So, make sure you have talent and make sure you are doing something to fetch you money so that you can polish your talent to be able to show it around.

And once you have a decent demonstration of your extreme talent, learn how to pitch it to people. And when you get the opportunity, do not be greedy. Stay faithful to the course, stay faithful to the person and God will see to a breakthrough for you!"

Look up to another beautiful story coming soon. Stay tuned and always remember that your Sun Shall Soon Shine. I'm forever your favorite writer, Gifty Aku Hlordjie and I'll continue to encourage you until your Sun Shines!

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