Tuesday, January 8, 2019

WATCH: ‘Aspiring Feminist’ M.anifest On Supporting The Cause Of Women

Ghanaian artiste, Kwame Ametepee Tsikata better known as M.anifest has shared how “easy” it is for him to support the cause of women, and also call out friends who are disrespectful to women.

He told Eli Kharis on Rythmz Live on GhOneTV, he’s aware of his privilege as a man, and “can’t ignore” the normalization of “a lot of things that are misogynistic” in our society.

“I do think just being human, and believing in our humanity, and as a man in a privileged position, i can’t ignore the fact that we tend to normalize a lot of things that are misogynistic so i definitely have an awareness of that, and i try to self-correct and help correct as men.” explained M. Dot.

He also spoke about calling out friends who disrespect women in any way or form.

M.anifest mentioned the likes of  Edem, Lydia Forson, Joselyn Dumas, James Gardiner. Victoria Michaels, Martha Ankomah,  Yvonne Okoro, and Sandra Ankobiah who support his career.

Watch below.

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