Thursday, January 10, 2019

Don’t Be Myopic – Kojo Preko Dankwa To Actor David Osei

Ghanaian radio presenter, Kojo Preko Dankwa has also reacted to Actor Prince David Osei’s comment about the recent visit of Hollywood stars to Ghana.

The host of Kasapa Entertainment on Kasapa 102.5FM described Osei’s comment as worrying and lacks foresight.

Read the full post below.

l had the opportunity to read an article on CNR (Citi new room) with the headline “HOLLYWOOD STARS VISIT TO GHANA ‘USELESS ‘ – DAVID OSEI. I find it worrying and disturbing when I read stories of such sort coming from acclaimed STARS in this country. If we find ourselves speaking this way to the world how do we open the gateway to Ghana?

Prince David Osei with all due respect you need to start Checking your facts and don’t base your arguments on assumptions and hearsay. It’s very unfortunate because a huge figure like you should be speaking with maturity and facts.

1- The HOLLYWOOD STARS came to this country purposefully to celebrate their Christmas holidays here in Ghana, equally like you and others going to various countries to either visit or for holidays. If you did not know the reason why they came you don’t speak on assumptions.

2- You needed, as a big filmmaker take advantage of the environment and opportunity to meet them yourself. You needed a stakeholders meeting and workshop? Omg!! Prince let’s get serious and make headway. If really you knew the main purpose and agenda why they came for the visit, you would have been in a better position to express your opinion very well.

3- You made mention of tourism booster YES they visited some important places in Ghana and acquainted themselves with a huge approach to the tourist sites we have in Ghana. This I know we won’t see the benefit now but trust my words these visit will open a gateway for Ghana and make the industry you live in one exciting one .instead of you to really deal with your leadership in the movie industry to fight for proper structures to attract more of these STARS visiting occasionally , you rather being MYOPIC in all these.

4- You do not find out from interviewer if it’s the ministry of tourism behind the visit. (Rhetorical question?ahh well) what did you do individually to also benefit since it was to help them know Ghana and sell Ghana? I guess you were not too hungry to associate.

5- When you visit their prospective countries do you hold workshops and seminars with them before you come to Ghana and largely transfer the same lessons to your fellow filmmakers?(even though you went on holidays)

6- l urge you to rather channel your strength to whip up the momentum in the movie industry.I doubt if you aware of your Act 935? , push energy in getting your film Authority fixed so when these supper STARS come and wanting do business, you will have the confidence in the industry. Let’s work together.

On September 27th 2018 you called on government to learn from HOLLYWOOD which you believe the USA has used to get to the world (movies). You again said “you need to come up with ideas.You need to make sure the right structures are there. You need to make Ghana a gateway for Tourism. ” These are your own words you spoke .(credit entertainment GH). Great idea.!! The structures you looking for is in the Act 935.

We need STARS like you to help fix it ( executive Secretary, film Authority, and LI. ) Become a crusader to stop the imposition of foreign culture on us through movies.

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