Friday, August 3, 2018

A-Plus Returns To Stand-up Comedy

Comedy has become very vibrant in the country. Not like past years when it seems that it has no future, today comedy is one of the fastest growing industries in the entertainment circles. 

With hit comedy hangout shows such as Laugh line, Comedy Bar, Comedy Fiesta and Comedy Express to name a few, each have helped pique the interest of comedy lovers in the come.

Controversial Musician & comedian, Kwame Asare Obeng known by his stage name A Plus is set to make a return to comedy. The musician is known for his vocal nature, who doesn’t shy away from trending topics.

He is always ready to tell it how he sees it. He hinted that he has followed the comedy express show for a while and he loves how the show is pushing the comedy agenda. This has inspired him that is why he wants to mount the comedy platform.

Reaching out to him for a word, the hiplife artiste said “I have been following the comedy show for a while now. I love the way the comedy express show is pushing the comedy agenda. The way the comedians are going about their craft has inspired me to come back to comedy. I will be performing at the comedy express show this Friday.”

“The politics arena in Ghana is full on comedy so I would be shed more light on it. So expect nothing but fire when I mount the stage come Friday, August 3.” He answered when asked what we are to expect from him.

Comedy Express, Accra’s premium monthly comedy show comes off tomorrow Friday August 3 at the Osu Branch of Eddy’s Pizza. Tickets are going for GhC 30.00. Ticket line, call or whatsapp 0571-241-341 / 02437-555-31

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