Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Channel Africa, an international radio service of the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC), will host a debate on Albinism on the 28th of March 2018.  The debate will be held at the SABC’s Headquarters in Auckland Park – Johannesburg, where Channel Africa broadcasts. 

The debate is intended to be part of an informal knowledge building radio programme, The Albinism Report, whose tagline is “The Enlightened Narrative”.  This is a programme that demystifies myths and mysticism on albinism, whilst highlighting challenges and achievements of people with albinism.

The event will be a recorded two-hour discussion and debate under a motto linked to the theme on Human Rights - “People with Albinism have Human Rights too!!!” with a sub-theme per hour.

The sub-themes shall be, as follows:

o    Theme 1- Visual and Story Representation.

o    Theme 2- Language and Discourse on Albinism

This initiative is also in line with the United Nation’s recognition of the month of March as an “International Human Rights Month”.

Channel Africa’s new payoff line ‘The African Perspective’ emphasizes the station’s position in the continent, in terms of how news is reported; how information is disseminated and how analysis is done.  This debate will highlight the depth of reporting on the issues of human rights as part of the station’s mandate.

Mr Solly Phetoe, General Manager: Channel Africa stated “The management of Channel Africa is focused on identifying ways to provide our audiences with relevant news and information, especially in their own languages and from the African Perspective.

We are not only instilling a sense of pride in our listeners but also promoting the sense of ownership for their continent.” He further emphasised that this Albinism debate is an essential component in an effort to strengthen engagements on issues that are affecting the African continent. 

The long term plan is to develop Channel Africa into an information hub.  The station’s programming is currently being re-broadcast in a number of radio stations in the continent.  Channel Africa management is working towards formalizing some of these arrangements.

Channel Africa’s General Manager, Mr. Solly Phetoe stated “Initiatives like this one are important to the station as they seek to address the social ills in the society that we live in.

We are not just about entertainment but our programmes are deeply rooted in education and finding solutions to some of society’s challenges”.