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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Ghana Fashion Review Panel Response To The Respected Ghanaian Music Icon Okyeame Kwame

Ghana Fashion Review Panel Response to the Respected Ghanaian Music Icon and Philanthropist Okyeame kwame on His Genuine Concerned About Mz Vee.

Her Traditional Wear Was Beautiful and it's a Culture Attire that are Mainly Wear by the Krobos When a Female is Considered to Reach a Stage of Marriage and that Culture is Well Respected Across Ghana and Well Revered

But When it Comes to the Red Rarpet your Dressed has to be Something Very Special, and Also a Dress That is Not Predictable Because of Competition.

We Always Advise Either you Want to go African Wear or not it Should be Something Very Creative and Well Detail Design, but not a Very Common Design or Common Culture Wear That May Not Be Able to Beat Competition.

We Appreciate her Dressed a lot But Unfortunately it's Predictable Culture Attire Which Can Be Done by Anyone Who Chooses.