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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Tinny Offers $1500 To Help Arrest Thieves Who Broke Into His Car

Ga-rap super heavy weight and Hiplife superstar Tinny may be in a situation which no artiste wants to find himself.

According to his manager, Nii Kweitey Quaynor, the artiste has fallen victim to thieves who made away with his duffle bag containing his laptop, external hard drive and an undisclosed amount of foreign currency.

The sad event happened Friday dawn when then artiste realised that his vehicle had     been broken into and his duffle bag was missing. The “God Year” hit maker had just left the studio and was on his way home in the wee hours of the day after a night of hard work on his upcoming album. 

According to his manager, the duffle bag loss is a big blow to his artiste because it contained some of Tinny’s most priceless items as far as his music career is concerned.

The bag contained an HP laptop with professional and personal information and an external drive which contained almost all of Tinny’s unreleased videos and songs.         Asked if there were any ‘improper’ videos or pictures on the laptop or external drive, Nii Kweitey was elusive with an answer and only said that the camp is working hard   to      retrieve the missing items because it would be devastating to their brand if items were  leaked.
 The management of Tinny is therefore offering a reward of $1500 USD for any information leading to the retrieval of the missing items. “Please report to the nearest police station with any leads.

The duffle bag is a brown Gucci bag with two straps. The external drive contains almost all of Tinny’s music catalogue and music videos,” he said.

This incident threatens to derail Tinny’s plans to stage a serious return to his position as an indomitable rap champion.

Tinny has been releasing a series of rap bangers and was poised to drop his full album in the coming months.