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Monday, February 27, 2017

A US Based Ghanaian Gospel Minstrel Loses Mum

Nicole King a Ghanaian gospel ministerial based in the United States of America loses her mum and has a letter written to her tribute.

Dear Mum,

My eyes are teary, my heart heavy and my throat soar from the pain of losing the one person I so cherish and love. You my mother!

Mum when the call came through that you had passed on to glory, I screamed and cried out loud. I felt I was going to lose my mind. I prayed and waited, waiting for them to call back again to say you hadn’t died but it’s been over a week now but that call never came through.

Mum why now? I was thinking of coming home but not to bury you!
If I knew the kiss I gave you was the last, I would have given you more. And if I knew the hug I gave you was a goodbye hug I would have held you tight and never let go of you my sweet mum.

You left your last born baby without a goodbye. Aww Maa Lizzy as I affectionately call you, I just couldn’t accept this heart wrenching news. It was and still is like a dream I'm yet to wake up from.
Mum I had great plans for us. I really did! I had a great surprise for you but you didn't wait for it! Hmmm … I just can't explain my pain.

Mum you couldn't wait to enjoy the fruit of your labour.
I can't forget how you fought for us through prayer. Prophetess although you couldn't use the gift greatly, you protected us with it from childhood and what you impacted into us "The fear of God".
The world hated you because you were a good woman and this evil world hates good people.
You suffered for us and I wanted to put a great smile on your face but I guess God wanted to rather put that smile on your face so he called you home to be with Him.

You always prayed over the phone whenever I called for a good husband for me but you didn't wait to see him.
My pain is deep because my love for you is deep Mum.
I have been through a bit of what you went through and I must agree with the doctors and the men of God that you are a strong woman.

Mum I promise you that what you couldn't do, I would do! I would prophesy and do more.
Mum so long as I live, I would honor your name.
They taught they had buried you but they forgot you left a seed and that seed would grow and honour you.

Mum am setting a Foundation in your name "Elizabeth FiFi's Foundation". What I couldn't do for you would do it unto the needy through this foundation. Any earnings that comes from any stage I mount on to sing 25% of it would go into this foundation. At least with this I can find peace in my soul and I know this would put a smile on your face as you look down from heaven.

Prayer warrior, soldier of Christ, you fought a good fight.
Mum I love you so much. Your Memory lives on.
Rest in Glory Mum.
Till we meet again.

Your kaakyire, Your last born.

In Honour and Memory of The Sweetest Mummy Yet!
Madam Elizabeth Fifi Aboagye
Ride on Mama! Rest In Glory!

Attached is her new single Unfake Jesus.