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Friday, July 29, 2016

Guest Feature : Sex, Love-life And Future Of Live 91.9FM New Programs Manager

All you singles and radio lovers sit.

Let me give you a taste of my own "lemonade".

Yeah, get a popcorn, wax your long-itching ears for the latest gossip in our world of entertainment. Because this couldn't get more personal.

But, but, but, this is no gossip, lol. 😜

Cheers! 🍹

Arguably Ghana's most eligible on-air radio bachelor, inflexible but humble with striking looks, Antoine Mensah, is a complete package-- with the real 'MAN' package. πŸ™ˆ

He is undoubtedly a real definition of being young and talented.

"Radio was something I chanced on. But connecting the dots now it makes sense. I was actually into music but I stopped...[that is how it all started]", he tells me.

28 years? And at the peak of one's career is laudable.

Regardless, the new Programs Manager of Live 91.9 FM, reveals it has been an enormous challenge combining his love life and work as presenter and producer.

"It was a big challenge finding time and finding someone to understand the industry that am in."

Yeah, you heard right, "was"-- he reluctantly affirms his previous relationship with a female Ghanaian, who's name he remained adamant to reveal lasted "long". And was not short to bring to bear his six years radio experience-- providing dribbling, near-thundering and a surprisingly "No" answer. After I quizzed whether or not he's in an amorous relationship?

The affable presenter who 'appears' single couldn't get more lovable with his calming, yet authoritative voice-- even better hearing him speak French would leave you mesmerized: "there's always something irresistible about a French man saying your name in this most beautiful accent".

Antoine typifies that!

But who is Antoine Mensah: from a family of six, including mom, dad and three brothers, he "spent [his] early years traveling". Visiting Niger, Senegal, CΓ΄te d'Ivoire, Lesotho and the Democratic Republic of the Congo due to the nature of his father's job.

It is in these Francophone countries that he credits his French speaking ability.

He left the U.S. state of Connecticut  to Ghana in 2001.

His first radio experience was at Choice FM as host of the Drive Time. And later took on a "once-a-week" show for Vibe FM [233 Live show] as the principal host for two years before Vibe rebranded to Live FM.

Pause! ✋

Let me not bore you radio lovers with my long thesis of where he's worked. We've all heard and read that, before. Lol.

Real scoop πŸ˜‰: he'll officially take on as Live 91.9 FM Programs Manager on August 1, 2016. He still intends to bewitch you with his awakening alto voice.

The Livestyle Cafe and ENTLive host does not plan to break the hearts of his huge following. He reiterated "radio is [his] number one passion-- giving back to so many people in the different way that I can. I think being a programs manager only amplifies what I can do on air",

And hey, if you are a young talent or a like-minded, you are urged "not to rush-- what ever you are going through that is probably making things longer than you feel they should don't lose focus".

Oops, my door bell just rang-- sorry, I must check who this person could be.

And oh, I have to refill my glass of lemonade.πŸ˜‰❤

Written By Crabbe Nathaniel of