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Friday, July 29, 2016

Celebrities To Expect At The Cake Fair And Their Favorite Cakes

Favorite celebrities to expect at The Cake Fair and their favorite cakes.

After all the buzz, the cake fair finally comes off tomorrow and it's assured to be a sweet experience, as cake lovers from across the country coverge to share their love for the culinary arts.

Many of your favorite celebrities would also be on call at the Fiesta Royale hotel, as they join in trying out the many different cakes. A few of  these celebrities decided to share with us, what their favorite cakes are, and the list would leave your mouth watering.

Radio/TV personality, Naa Ashorkor revealed that her love lies in Red Velvet Cakes.

 Live FM's  Antoine likes to keep it simple with Brownies.

Starr Fm's Anita Erskine has love for the Chocovanilla.

Mr. R'n'B, Jon Germain likes to keep it classy and healthy with the Vegan Avocado cake.
Recently married Giovanni will be at the fair with his wife, in search of original Ghana cakes

Live Fm's Vennesa Gyan seems to have a love affair with the Sponge Ice Cream Cake.

Sexy singer, would also be at the cake fair, to try out all the Strawberry Cakes on display.

What's your favorite?