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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Encourage Collaborations Between The Young And Old Artiste – Baafour

Baafour is a young talented recording and performing artist, who is making incredible progress with his music.

And aside making music, he is also an advocate for encouraging good music that will make positive impacts on the lives of individuals and the society at large.

He has raised concerns about our music industry and some mainstream artists making it difficult for talented young stars collaborating with them and learning from them in the process.

 In our entertainment industry, there is currently a big gap between the old musician and that of the new.

And this big gaps is not just with age but also with interaction and collaboration between the young artist and that of the old once.

Even with artist with the same age, once an artist makes a hit and loses his popularity we assume he is old and therefore loses his interaction with their own mates.

The young high life and afrobeat star, Baafour on the issue expressed disappoint with the current situation saying there is a lot the young once could learn from the old artists to make the industry better.

“There is a lot we can learn from the current big stars and old musicians in terms of their experiences from their stage works, finances, things they have learnt from outside the country and a lot more” One priceless thing that cannot be bought but thought is experience.

These experiences we the young once can easily get from the old musicians so we learn and don’t make the same mistakes they did.

These are some of the reasons I will like the major industry players to encourage collaboration and unity among the musicians and other artist, both the young and the old.”