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Friday, July 8, 2016

Airtel Promotes Classical Music In Ghana through Addaquay’s Performance

As part of efforts to promote classical music in Ghana, Airtel Premier, is headlining the latest classical music performance of the Master Keyboardist, Patrick Alfred Addaquay this month.

The performance set to delight the Smartphone Network’s premier customers and Ghanaians who enjoy classical music will be held at the College of physicians and Surgeons at Ridge, Accra on July 16, 2016.

Head of Marketing Communications at Airtel Ghana, Mr. Cornelius Kakraba, said, “every genre of music has its defined audience  and so is classical music, but, unfortunately, lovers of classical music in Ghana do not get enough of what they yearn for because of inadequate promotion. 

At Airtel, we believe all our customers must be given the opportunity to enjoy what they earnestly desire and that is exactly what we seek to achieve by sponsoring Addaquay’s classical music performance.”

“We know that some of our high value customers are classical music enthusiasts and this event will give them the opportunity to enjoy the best from the Master Keyboardist, Addaquay. Besides, we are offering patrons a Premier pack with GHC 50 airtime and data on every ticket they purchase,” Mr. Kakraba added.

On his part, Addaquaye, the Classical music expert said, “I deeply appreciate the effort Airtel Ghana is making to promote classical music in Ghana and I promise to give the patrons far beyond what they could ever imagine, come July 15.”
In 2006, Addaquaye who was then 20, composed, arranged and recorded a first of its kind in Ghana Oratorio comprising of 32 classical songs which he named "Laudate" and had the first live performance of his "Laudate" at the auditorium of the University of Cape Coast in March that year where the premiere lasted two hours. Since then he has performed both locally and internationally to highly excited audiences who gave him standing ovations.

Addaquaye has in his repertoire a lot of compositions in the vein of Gospel, Highlife, Christmas Carols and Anthems

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