Thursday, September 4, 2014


SWISH HQ - London’s Premiere TV show is launching in Ghana on Friday 7.30 on Cine Afrik on Multi TV under the radar.

Ludwig, CEO of SWISH HQ is not new to Ghanaians, as he has been the ears and eyes of Ghana when it comes to getting trusted information about the entertainment industry in the UK.

Ludwig said he would like the show to be launched organically without too much hype, just the odd mention here and there.

SWISH HQ currently aired in UK and Netherland and in regards to the Multi TV affiliation; Ludwig explained that he was watching the Ghana V Portugal match in London W hotel in Piccadilly in

the screen room after the special movie screening with a few invited guests.

The manager of Cine Afrik, Nana Yaa happens  to be there watching the match too and she recognised the SWISH HQ mic, and as she has been seeing the show on UK TV, spoke to Ludwig about bringing the show to her channel and the rest history.

There are other types SWISH HQ shows but once again these are likely to appear on our TV screens without warning.

SWISH HQ season one is on CINE AFRIK on Fridays 7.30 & Repeat on Wednesdays at 2:00pm sharp!!!. SWISH HQ and will refresh Ghanaian TV with a different type of entertainment and content.

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