Friday, September 6, 2019

Ghana Is Becoming A Centre Of Destroying Things That Are Shining Says Oscar Yao Doe

Oscar Yao Doe, Chairman of Doscar Group Holdings has said that Ghana is becoming a centre where anything shining is destroyed. 

The big time businessman in one of his public posts yesterday made this ascertion, advising Ghanaians to form the habit of pulling others up when they slide down, rather than pulling them further down.

Read the full post below..

Diamonds Diamonds! Dr Thato Mbala is a Legend Wearing Shirt Beaded With Diamonds!This is Wow! Thank God He Doesn't Live in Our Petty Box Office. Ghana! Ghana!! Ghana!!!, The Centre Of Destroying Things That Are Shinning!

Ghana Is A Country With A Tiny Atmosphere To Make Talents Blowout, The Space In Our Minds Are Too Small.

Ghana Is A Country With Plenty Talkers Of English, But Most Are Less Ado, Sleepers On The Job.

Ghana Is Perhaps A Country Where People Can Do You Evil Based On Their Self-Burden, Petty Mindsets, Gossips Of Envy And Jealousy. But You See Them At Your Funeral, You See Them In Churches, Wearing White Clothes, Even Some Of Them Keep The White Clothes On Everyday To Their Offices And Other Events! They Wear Pure White Clothes , But They Are Very Mean And Very Dark In Their Hearts.

Ghanaians Burden Themselves, Unnecessarily Wanting To See Other People Live Their Lives In The Perfection Of Their Eyes!

Ghana Is A Place Where If You Can Write A Very Bad Headline With Zero Content You're Rewarded Big Time, Why? Because Most Ghanaians Run Away Fast With Negative Headlines They Will Not Even Read And Digest. So, It's Creating Huge Ignorance Society Even For Those With Multiple Degrees.

Honestly, I Think It's About Time Ghanaians We Look At What Is Relevant In Life? Is It What Someone Is Wearing We Care About? Is It What Someone Is Eating We Care About? Is It The Pain A Single Mother (Who Is) Suffering That We Talk About? Is It Someone Struggling To Take Care Of Their Children's Upkeep We Talk About? Is It That Small Car Or BIGy Car SOMEONEy Got? Is It The Unwanted Pregnancy A Vulnerable Young Lady Is Battling With? Is It Someone's Promotion At Work? Or Is It Someone's Business Or House?

Why? Ghanaians Open Your Eyes To Discover Things That Matter Most In Life; Compassion, Selflessness, Sacrifice For Others If It's Doable, Even Without A Return. Be Happy For The Success Of Others. Step In To Rescue Others When They Are Sinking. Pull Others Up When They Are Sliding Down And Don't Tear Them Down, Forgive Immediately If You Can.

Make It A Habit That Hearing Good News About Others Or Seeing Good Stuffs On Other People (People's Success) Gives You Joy. THE TRUTH!

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