Saturday, August 11, 2018

UTV Renders Unreserved Apology To Actress Joselyn Dumas

Management of the Despite Media Group, parent company of United Television (UTV), have apologized to Joselyn Dumas over the media storm kicked up Friday over a promo released by the company.

The promo was to promote the upcoming episode of ‘Atuu’, in which Joselyn Dumas had an interview with Abeiku Santana.

In a statement, management of Despite Media apologize to Dumas and claimed they meant no malice with the publication as the ‘Atuu’ program is meant to “celebrate achievers in the entertainment industry.”

Fulls statement below…

The attention of management of Despite Media (UTV) has been drawn to a report circulating on social media purporting that actress Joselyn Dumas dated actor John Dumelo for two (2) years, in an exclusive interview she granted the former.

Management would like to state categorically that Actress Joselyn Dumas never said so in the interview.

UTV and the entire Despite Media Group apologise to Actress Joselyn Dumas for the misrepresentations and false statements attributed to her in the promo released by the station. We would like to state that there was no malicious intent to dent her image.

Indeed, our ATUU programme is set to celebrate achievers in the entertainment industry and not to ruin them or their reputation. The said promo has been duly corrected and retraction has been effected on various platforms within our jurisdiction.

Once again, we unreservedly apologise to Actress Joselyn Dumas for any harm this social media circulation might have caused her reputation.

Meanwhile, management has sent a DVD copy of Joselyn Dumas’ full interview with Abeiku Santana on the ATUU programme to her for her perusal.

In light of the above, the said interview would not be broadcast on UTV this Saturday, 11th August, 2018, as earlier announced, until management receives Joselyn Dumas’ irrevocable permission to air it.

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