Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Coca-Cola through its FIFA World Cup™ anthem by Jason Deroulo is rallying fans around Ghana to get #Ready for the ultimate display of football supremacy to be held this weekend.

Music, like sport, evokes passion and has always been an important component of FIFA World Cup™ campaigns in the past.

This year’s tournament is no different. Sang by top American singer Jason Derulo, and with over 41 million views on YouTube, “Colors” is popular on radio and TV stations across the country during this year’s exciting World Cup, hosted by Russia and sponsored by Coca-Cola.

Speaking about the anthem and its relevance to the values of the tournament, Trade Marketing Director for The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Ghana, Ms. Sabina Manu said, “The 2018 FIFA World Cup has proven to be an unpredictable but exciting tournament with unexpected winners and seeming underdogs beating strong footballing nations.

While Ghanaians did not have the Black Stars to support, they have keenly supported the colours of other nations. From the green and white of Nigeria to the yellow, red and green of Senegal and even the red, blue and white of France.

This is what “Colours” represents. It’s about celebration and the beauty in football unity. We’re more than happy to provide the soundtrack to the pride in supporting people from various backgrounds.”

To drive home that important message, Coca-Cola also partnered with emerging artists and superstars alike from around the globe to create localized versions of the song and embrace an international theme of inclusion and celebration.

“Colors” is expected to be played across homes, hospitality venues and viewing centers this weekend as Ghanaians gather to support their “colors of choice” as the football celebration comes to an end.

Coca-Cola will also be calling upon football fans in Ghana to display their dancing skills by posting videos of themselves dancing to the song on the Company’s social media pages using the hashtag #Coca-ColaColorsGhana.

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