Thursday, July 26, 2018

All Set For The Loudest Tidal Rave Experience Yet With Orijin And Ecobank, Get It All At Half Ticket Now

On the 28thof July, there is only one place to be and that is at the beach down at Kokrobite. Tidal Rave, Ghana’s biggESTbeach event.

The event that starts with a roadtrip from the Accra Mall through to the jam-stop at West Hills to the beach house, the party will also see performances from Ghana’s dynamic duo, R2Bees, MediKal among others.

With Orijin on deck, party lovers are assured of a jam with unlimited drinks, party with all the right juices and games that will see you all drunk-on adrenaline. In its 7thyear, the event promises to be everything you’d want in a summer party be it the loud sound filled Ibiza or a sun-bathed Cancun rave all day. And for that, Ecobank has half of the cost covered.

All you need to do is download the app, select the ‘Pay Bill’ option, select ‘Goods and Services’, look for ‘Tidal Rave’ and input details.

Once you’re done with that, confirm details again and press pay (just to be sure) and finish it up with the inputof PIN to finalize the purchase. Don’t worry, you can thank us later.

Billed as the BEST EXPERIENCE ANYONE CAN HAVE (BEACH!) this Tidal Rave asks for your Juicy Jams, Good Vibes, Groovy Waves, Limitless Fun, Pure Pleasure and Groovy Waves.

All you need to do is to Bring Out UR EST since it promises to be the BEST, the WILDEST, the BIGGEST, the BRIGHTEST, the BOLDEST, the FINEST, the GREATEST, the HAPPIEST, the HOTTEST, the JUICIEST, the LOUDEST, the LOVELIEST, the NICEST, the PRETTIEST, the RAREST, the SPICIEST, the SWEETEST and the LIVELIEST Experience ever!

With Ghana’s DJ of the Year, DJ Vyrusky on deck flanked by DJs Sleek and Mingle and MCs, Kojo Manuel and Sheldon the Turnup, partying the night away, you have no issue than to come ‘sea’ what the hype and the legend of EchoHouse parties are all about.

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