Friday, March 23, 2018

Trigmatic Presents ‘Music Speaks’ Seminar On March 28

The Matic Music hereby informs the general public of its “Music Speaks” seminar which will be held on Wednesday, 28th March, 2018 at 6pm at the Impact Hub, Accra.

The music seminar themed “Music and its role in building the Next Generation” is a Matic Music Club initiative under the Global Leaders’ Program which seeks to educate the youth on the following topics:

 Music as a pedagogical tool

 New media and digital skills for online promotion

 Music production

 Music as a tourism tool

The speakers for the seminar include Ghanaian musicians and music theory production experts from Spain. The speakers are as follows:

 Víctor García Cano: Pianist

 Amparo Rejas García: Social Educator

 Iris Jugo Núñez-Hoyo: Cellist. Fundraiser and Music Advocate

 Yinay José de León Barrios: Guitarist and Music Theory Teacher.

 Arantxa Múgica Corrales: Double Bass Player. Music Theory Teacher

 Diego Ros Martín: Journalist. Electronic Composer

 Aka Blay: Musician

 Trigmatic: Musician

The Matic Music Club was formed with the aim of educatively engaging children in the creative arts as well as giving them the opportunity to explore themselves and their abilities.