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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Lorinda Derban Opens Up After 2014 Miss Malaika Ghana Eviction

It’s been almost exactly three years since pretty Lorinda Derban was evicted from the popular annual Miss Malaika Ghana beauty pageant, after making it to the semi-finals.

After emotionally devastating event, one would expect her to go off the radar and avoid the beauty pageant circuit… which she did, to a point.

In the three years hiatus from modeling that Ms. Derban, or Lorie, as she’s popularly called, has been on, she’s been anything but idle. 

With her concentration on her education, she’s successfully completed her first degree in the prestigious University of Ghana, a Bachelor of Arts in French and Spanish, effectively making her multilingual. She’s much more marketable as a model on the international front, without even mentioning her shapely, delectable legs and killer smile.

When asked why she wanted to make a comeback into the world of modeling, Lorie stated, “After certain experiences, one develops new interests and that’s what happened to me. Being evicted gave me the opportunity to focus on learning two languages and that has paid off eventually because it’s another thing I can add to my portfolio.

However, when I was in the pageant, I planned to be of help and encouragement to women with or without formal education who believe their only position in life is that of a mother or just a wife, and I'm still very passionate about that. Modeling and being in the limelight in general, gives a certain amount of power. It also helps in networking and obtaining sponsorship and I’ll definitely need that for what I have in mind.”

One thing’s for sure: Lorinda Derban is certainly going to make waves in the modeling industry and take it by storm, and we simply can’t wait! We wish you all the best, Lorie!