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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sena Dagadu Talks About Mixing Business With Pleasure & New Album On Trendsetters With Yaa Somuah

''My Hungarian husband makes the best Jollof rice.'' Want to know all about Sena Dagadu? Well this week's episode of Trendsetters with Yaa Somuah reveals everything about the Ghanaian-Hungarian singer.

While most people try to avoid venturing into businesses with their significant other, Sena opened up about why she decided to work closely with her husband (who is also a musician and a producer.)

During the interview the singer revealed...

''What we have right now is a result of us working together for the past 10 years. People are always scared that don't mix business with pleasure, I don't even care, I don't even think about those things because we have an understanding between us, we have a common goal, we have common purposes and that actually helps us''

It seems there might be another VVIP and Sena Dagadu collaboration coming soon. Check out the short video below to find out all the juicy details about the life of Sena Dagadu.