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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

TRUE or FALSE ??? Kaakie Says ‘Men Don’t Know How To Punish A Booty

Ghanaian female dancehall artiste Grace Kaki Awo Ocansey popularly known as Kaakie has thrown shade to men saying - most of them don’t know how to punish booty.

The ‘Too Much” hit maker has made some interesting revelations about men and how they are not able to punish ‘booty’.

In explaining herself the dancehall diva smiled and said: ‘personally I like a man who can punish a booty’.

“Listen, I am not referring to ‘punish’ as in a bad way but in a very sexual and romantic way – she clarified her meaning for the word punish.

‘To my knowledge some men just have sex with a lady. These men don’t make their women enjoy the sex by adding little spice to it - she mentioned.

‘Let me give a tip to guys who think relationship is about just sleeping with your woman. Some women (if not all) enjoy a little adventure in bed and in some cases if you turn to punish the booty some more, it works like magic, she opined.

I have come across a fine booty on social media (I think Reggie Rockstone posted it on Instgram – and I ask myself how many men can really punish this booty to make the woman feel special?

In her ending words, Kaakie said, she knows a lot of men in Ghana know how to spoil a booty in the club, some of them make sure the women are like queens in the club but when it gets to the private circle  – she is not sure if it really goes down well there.

So in thinking aloud like – ‘How do you tell if a man is really punishing a booty or let me reface how should a man punish a booty’.

Well, the challenge has been thrown. The ball is in the court of men of now – are we punishing the booty well enough?