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Friday, May 19, 2017

LA Based PH8 Foundation To Be Officially Launched In Ghana

LA based PH8 foundation is holding a press conference on 19th May, 2017 to officially outdoor the foundation and their newly named ambassador, Salma Mumin at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra.

The foundation believes that Clean Water, Healthy Food, Quality Healthcare and an Enriching Education are not just basic necessities; they are human rights which everyone in the world can and must have access to.

In 2016, they threw a big party called “Go for Ghana” raising enough money to complete 5 projects in Ghana. One of the projects was building a computer lab with 14 laptops at a school called God’s Gift Academy in James Town, the foundation also provided the whole Academy with brand new school supplies.
They also stopped by James Town, Marie Louise Children’s hospital to provide the whole hospital with supplies, food, toys for the children. Another place they went to visit was the Rehabilitation center to provide the challenged supplies.

One of the biggest accomplishments was Confidence Complex Coins, is a children’s school in the village of Lamletse in Kumasi. There are close to 600 people who live in this area, without access to clean sustainable water.

The men, women, and children, retrieve water from a local well, but that well is only 15-20 meters deep, meaning that the water not only runs out quickly but is also of a lower quality. It becomes a first come first serve basis.

The majority of Ghanaians in that locality are then forced to walk more than two miles in the scorching heat, in order to fetch water from local river bodies, which are far below safe drinking standards.

Now the children all have access to clean, safe drinking water and can focus on school rather than spend countless hours walking miles and taking a chance on drinking contaminated water.

PH8 foundation would like to have the presence of all corporate entities, the private sectors and the press on 19th May, 2017. the foundation to announce the project for the year themed SPLASH GHANA (#go4ghana) which is aimed at providing good drinking water to five regions in Ghana.