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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Forgiven, A Short Film By Tega Baah To Premiere Online On The 27th May

It has become a usual scene to see the various cinemas in the capital filled to the brim with moviegoers s for premieres.

Movies have always been a good source of relaxation it has in time become an easy way of addressing societal ills.

On May 27 'Forgiven' a movie about sexual and drug abuse would be released. Instead of the conventional premiere at any of the malls, movie lovers can be a part by simply logging on to Facebook.

Forgiven tells the story of the film tells the story of a young woman who must come to terms with a long history of sexual abuse, drug addiction, and self-blame.

It chronicles her long journey in forgiving both herself and the man who ruined her life.
Producer and writer, Tega Baah manage to bring enough twists to keep viewers engaged for over thirty minutes.

Empowering and inspiring, ‘Forgiven’ documents the trauma of sexual assault and the possibility of healing through one woman’s journey from anguish to forgiveness.

The movie will be released online on may 27 at 8 pm on its dedicated facebook page, forgiven.