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Friday, April 21, 2017

See Ghana’s ‘WangoWango’ Launches On Starr 103.5FM

The Tourism Marketing Alliance, Ghana’s flagship program, ‘See Ghana’ bounces back with a new and exciting fun-filled weekender excursions and adventures dubbed ‘WangoWango’ on Starr Drive.

This year, the fun adventure filled WangoWango excursions move to Starr FM, targeting the station’s young aspiring urban crowd.

Operating on the premise that indigenes must create and tell their experiences to make up the “Ghana story”, the programme, since its inception in 2015, has created opportunity for many to visit attractions and heritage sites across the country.

Excursions, staycations and road-trips for the hip and spontaneous adventure tripper, “WangoWango” takes you on a 10 activity- fun- filled- adventure-driven trips to every region, once a month, powered by Starr FM, ‘Daily Guide’ and (GHOne TV).

Commencing in May with the ‘Great Western Odyssey’ – an overnight exploratory road-trip to Ghana’s southernmost tip at Cape 3 Points in Western Region, ‘See Ghana’ created  this passion project to build tourism ambassadors by encouraging more domestic tours, progressing with innovative new and exciting excursions.
‘See Ghana’ coordinator, PaJohn Bentsifi  Dadson told Anita Erskine and Giovanni on Starr drive that, “We need to raise a generation of believers, people who will build an emotional investment, in Ghana! It cannot be left to chance. There needs to be a commitment of a force, beyond government effort, that can focus on, and stimulate the excitement needed to whip up people’s interest in what is intrinsically ours, and that’s where ‘See Ghana’ comes in.”

Characterized by regular scheduled “fun” weekender road trips to attractions across the country, ‘See Ghana’ will continue to engage the citizenry through media relations programs that stimulate domestic tourism, on visionary radio stations like Starr FM.

It is being promoted by a coalition of high profile media and tourism marketing establishments including Daily Guide, and GHOne TV. It is led by cultural concierge and destination management resource, Bentsifi, which has a mission to help people find balance in their busy life, and therefore, developed the holistic lifestyle and experiential travel experiences using its WangoWango philosophy based on a three-tenet mantra – Breathe (Pause), Experience (Immerse), Fulfill (Nourish).