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Friday, April 7, 2017

Mavis Anim Appointed As “Global Super Model” National Director For South Africa

Renowned South Africa base Ghanaian finance analyst Mavis Anim, has been appointed as the 2017 Global Super model Search National Director for South Africa.

Global Super Model is an edutainment international model search with the aim to create ambassadors and awareness for Cancer across the globe through modeling.

Based on her newly appointment Mavis Anim is charged with the full responsibility of selecting delegates to represent South Africa at the 2017 Global Super model search taking place in Zimbabwe this September.

In an interaction with Cypress Ghana Mavins Anim disclosed that upon her appointment, she automatically becomes the official representative for Global Super Model in south Africa with the legal capacity to take action on behalf of the Global Super Model and as well gain staunch commercial value from it.
Prior to her appointment, Mavins Anim is the brain behind Ghana Awards South Africa, Ghana Fest South Africa as well as co-founder of Miss Ghana South Africa. She is the managing director of the Ghana’s elite Multi-National event and talent Management Company in Gauteng Province of South Africa known as May May Production.

Mavis has also operated on credible projects, counting from Africa’s reality star game Big Brother Africa and Good Morning Africa on DSTV. She did produce shows on Planet radio & TV as well as a Media Liaison officer for Hello Mother Land also on DSTV.

Taking her background into consideration there is no doubt the multi-talented Ghanaian is best fit to handle her new appointment as the National Director for South Africa for the 2017 Global super Model search, taking place in Zimbabwe this Septembers.

Here is the official appointment letter