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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Female Farmer Lauds Vodafone’s Initiative

It is not often you find a multinational company making a concerted effort to be relevant in the lives of farmers – let alone female farmers across the country.

So when Vodafone Ghana, the second biggest telecommunications company in terms of market share, made that bold move to distribute feature phones to 600 women farmers earlier this year, it created a huge impression. The donations were done to commemorate International Women’s Day, which fell on March 8th, 2017.

Now one of the recipients, Mercy Adu, who could not contain her gratitude, has expressed her appreciation to the network for the gesture.

Speaking to the media recently, she noted that Vodafone is one institution that has consistently extended a helping hand to Ghanaian farmers; especially in the areas of farming implements and tools as well as relevant information on-the-go.

“I am grateful to Vodafone for supporting us in our work. Now I receive daily information about best practices in farming and how to access potential customers on my phone. It is no secret that access to timely information is a great deal to us farmers; this goes a long way to ensure maximum productivity. Vodafone’s intervention has proven to be very critical in our commercial success and for this, I am very thankful.”

The farmers, drawn from various parts of the country, received phones to enhance their communication needs in relation to best agricultural practices as part of the Vodafone’s Farmers Club initiative.

The Farmers Club initiative was launched in 2015 to offer a range of mobile services exclusively for farmers. The initiative will also provide them with access to relevant information on improved farming practices, crop information, prices of commodities and expert advice, in their preferred language.