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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

“Queen B” Bisola Wins Week 10 Head of House Title And Makes It To The BBNaija 2017 Grand Finale

After, Marvis, Efe, Debie-Rise and Bisola all picked envelopes with numbers that made them continue to the next round of Popping Balloons.

Bisola figured out how to pop the correct baloon with an orange ball that decided the fortunate winner of the HoH Title.

That the Ninja was carrying a golden hat had piqued their curiosity. After each Housemate had drawn a paper from the very same hat, Biggie’s voice filled the lounge with instructions about this week’s Head of House task.

The three-round challenge saw neatly dressed up Housemates lined up behind their stations in the Arena and just this once looking excessively tensed. TBoss and Bally didn’t make it past the first round, and were soon joined by Efe.

Biggie seemed to take enormous pleasure in sowing a pinch of confusion in the minds of the last three contenders, inviting them if they wished to swap positions among themselves.  Marvis, Bisola and Debie-Rise glanced at each other and giggled yet didn’t flinch an inch.
Congrats to “Queen B” Bisola and her fans! She is the new Head of House, which implies she is the extreme survivor till the finals. after finding an orange pebble inside her black balloon. An excited Efe rushed to be the first to congratulate her.

Although Bisola has won immunity from Nominations and is guaranteed a seat in the #BBNaija Season Finale, she will not be able to Save anyone.