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Monday, March 27, 2017


Organizers of the maiden edition of the Ghana Beverage Awards (GBA) have announced their readiness to host the first ever Ghanaian Awards designed exclusively for the beverage industry.

The GBA, slated for Friday 31st March at the Accra City Hotel, is intended to celebrate the efforts of the Ghanaian beverage industry. The theme for the event is “inspiring excellence in Ghana’s Beverage industry”.

Late last year, Global Media Alliance (GMA), organizers of the GBA, opened nominations for entry into the awards. After receiving over thirty entries from beverage companies in the country, a panel of experts including officials from the Food Research Institute (FRI), Consumer Protection Agency (CPA), Food and Beverage Association (FABAGH) have reviewed the entries and finalized the list of awardees for the event to be held this Friday.
The CEO of GMA Mr. Ernest Boateng said; “We are thrilled that after a long period of preparation Ghana is going to experience the first-ever awards which will highlight the beverage industry. As our theme correctly captures it, our vision for this event is to ensure that the beverage industry continues to thrive while delivering value to the consuming public”

“The highest award for the night will be the product of the year. We are eager to see the joy of our awardees on the night. We are looking to hold this prestigious event every year. GBA is here to stay!”

The GBA is supported by the Food Research Institute, Consumer Protection Agency (CPA), Food and Beverage Association (FABAGH) and the Ghana Tourism Authority.