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Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Mixology Show To Kick Off Ghana’s Independence Day Weekend In Grand Style

Are you a drink lover? Do you love cocktails and spirits? Would you love to discover the different types out there? Well if you do its time to DRINK-CHAT-& JAM at “The Mixology Show!”

From the organizers of the following events, The Cake Fair and The Ideal Dessertfest, Ghana’s upcoming event and entertainment companies VoicesAds and Yellow October Events, have again announced another unique and first time ever event of it’s kind to be hosted in Ghana, “The Mixology Show.”

This event is set to kick-off this year’s Ghana Independence weekend 2017.

The Mixology Show will involve the art and skill of preparing a variety of cocktails and spirits while nibbling on canapes. 

Guests in attendance can sample and buy as much as they would like only for an entrance fee of GH 20cedis which includes a free drink.

This event will bring out the crème de la crème of Ghana’s beverage industry.

For one night only prices for cocktails and spirits will be slashed in half so guests in attendance can experience drinks in their varieties.
Have you ever heard of A Pink Lady, London Fog, Brandy Sour, White Russian and more? Get your taste buds ready for the experience!

The Mixology Show will be on Saturday 4th of March from 4pm to 1am at a soon to be announced surprise location. It’s an event open to the public but solely for guests 18 years old and above.

Guests will also be “charmed” by live band performances and Ghana’s top notch DJs. For sponsorship, vendor information, or reservations call 026 922 4580 or 023 180 9500. Don’t Miss Out! It will be an experience you’ll never forget!

Official media partners are Starr FM, Live FM, Agoo TV with support by King Kwaku Ananse Photography, AfricaFeeds, BNFT, Cypress Ghana, 360GH and Ameyaw Debrah.

The Mixology Show is proudly brought to you by Yellow October Events, GHOneTV and powered by VoiceAds.