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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Youth Should Get More Involved In Politics - Ray Moni

If the trends on social media is any thing to go by, then one can conclude that the youth of these days are more interested and focused on things related to entertainment to matters that deals with social and political issues .

And even though this year may be an election year, the youth seem to be more interested in entertainment issues than that of the issues raised by politicians.

The CEO of NKZ music Ray Moni speaking on the youth interest on social and political issues stated how important it is for the youth to depict interest in political issues.

"I know because the youth have been disappointed several times by politicians it is hard for them to believe or talk less of developing interest in politicians.

But the hard truth is if we want genuine change then we need to be involved in decision making, discussion and ask important questions which will get the results and development we want from our politicians"
Am an entertainment person but if we are to develop in all our sectors, being Agriculture, sports,health,Education and even entertainment then we better start getting involved in our politics.

 Not to be used by politicians for their dirty work during their campaigns but to get them to work towards the change we want.

If Ghana will develop, if we will be proud of Ghana and stop comparing the country to the united States and other developed countries then we need to get involved whiles we are still young and strong.

Asking if he will go into politics any time soon he said; "Not now, but definitely go in to politics".