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Thursday, July 21, 2016


A Ghanaian music icon, Tic Tac has taken a swipe at Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale for picking on him during an interview on the Delay show.

Shatta Wale in an interview, labeled Tic Tac as not smart, referring to him as not making business out of showbiz.

However, Tic Tac in his response during an interaction with a section of the media, expressed disappointment and took an exception at the remark by Shatta Wale. Tic Tac said he does not fall in the category of people shatta Wale perceive as not-smart.

According to him, Shatta’s attitude of picking and disrespecting his colleague musicians without merit, and provocation, does not make him smart.

“What Shatta Wale is doing, unnecessary picking on other artistes without provocation, doesn’t make him a smart person, smart people don’t do what he is doing”, Tic Tac added.

He said, “I personally like his music and what he’s doing as an artiste it makes it fun and it keeps the industry going but when you decide to pick on artiste who have paid their dues in the industry and have no business or whatsoever with you, then you have a problem, I mean a serious problem,” he added.
He said per the definition of not-smart artistes by Shatta Wale, he (Tic Tac) does not fall in that category and that exposes how shallow he (Shatta Wale) is.

“I have been busy with businesses, industry work and recording new stuff hopping to get back to the levels that my fans expect me to be.

 Let see when he start experiencing a dip, then he will know that it has nothing to do with not being smart it’s like a circle when it meets you need to regroup, work hard with a bit of luck on your side then you come again, everyone is likely to experience it once you decide to do music for as long as I have done,” he revealed.

He urged shatta to respect himself, enjoy his music, his new found fame and respect the dignity and the hustle of other artistes.

Additionally, he gave him a free PR advice by asking him not to comment unnecessary during interviews, all in the quest to provide answers to questions posed.

“If you don’t have anything to say skip it or shut up. It is not force to talk, you don’t owe anyone a responsibility to answer all questions during an interview”, he advised.

Tic Tc, quizzed “What music or business has Shatta Wale done kraa that i have not done in this country that makes him feel the way he’s feeling right now, is boy hooked on some kind of ecstasy or something? Which business? He should come again,” he added.

The multiple award winner finally noted, “ I may not belabour  this issue because it’s not my style to get into words of war with my fellow artiste or get involve in music war , am not that type, so Mr “Mokohoo” you better pick on another, because I’m not in that league sorry”, he added.