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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Photos : WatsUp TV Officially Launched In Guinea Conakry

 With a vision to boost Pan African entertainment, WatsUp TV has launched in Guinea Conakry on television service provider Evasion group, on Friday, July 22nd.

WatsUp TV, will air exclusively on Evasions group channel for standard and high definition.

"WatsUp TV really welcomes the partnership with Evasion Group. What we want really to do is to be able to make the WatsUp TV closer to most of you, and open its doors really, not just for entertainment, but to show you what WatsUp TV can do to inspire other people to become better Africans," said C.E.O of WatsUp TV Mr Abd Traore.

He added a huge focus will be given on bringing entertainment to those who could not have afforded the means to watch quality TV.

Among the program content that can be watched on the channel include the WatsUp TV Official Show, African Hit, Fresh Videos, Fans Tweet Request as well as behind the scenes shows.
There are also plans to air classic African Hits of the past "in the next couple of months" through the channel, Evasions group is also available on Canal + with a reach of over 7 million homes, WatsUp TV will focus on it's current episodes also to bridge entertainment in Africa.