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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cypress Ghana Partner's To Deliver Authentic 24/7 News Update

The search for credible trending entertainment stories, news and updates is over. CYPRESS GHANA has and continues to be the leading blog with unprecedented experience.

CYPRESS GHANA, in partnership with House of Maasela, has activated '', a 24/7 news website. Visit '' for breaking news and trending stories from all parts of the world. As part of measures to strengthen its reach and authenticity in delivering not just entertainment news but news feed from all angles and around the world.

CEO of House of Maasela, Aaron Dates, has expressed his excitement for the partnership with CYPRESS GHANA. Mr. Dates is optimistic about the partnership as he believes the partnership will take online news updates to the next level with authentic and credible news feeds.

According to him, CYPRESS GHANA and '' will have a long lasting relationship in delivering 24/7 online news updates. " a product of House of Maasela Events and Advertising will deliver a credible 24/7 online news updates, I trust with one of Ghana's leading entertainment blog Cypress Ghana we will be able to reach out to all circle of life including entertainment" he added.

CEO of Cypress Ghana,Christopher Sowah, confirmed the partnership and is certain that the website is destined to be the next leading online media site in Ghana.

According to Christopher Sowah, CYPRESS GHANA tends to reach out to more and every circle of life hence the partnership. "We at cypress Ghana think it's time to spread out to individuals from all works of life not just those in the entertainment industry" he mentioned.

Wondering what outcome this partnership has produced? Then visit '' now and get a feel of real authentic 24/7 news updates. Thank me later