Sunday, July 3, 2016

AJ Da Hottest Calls For AM Pluzz Show Pundits Replacement

AJ Da hottest; rapper, songwriter and Afropop singer says he has lost respect for two of the male technical experts and pundits on the AM Pluzz show where he premiered his new song titled Benkemormi on June 30, 2016.

“The premier was interesting and I felt very honored to have had the opportunity to be on the AM Pluzz Show, but to make a long story short, these two individuals namely Willi Roi and Oteng  on that show have lost my respect. It seems they had forgotten they are talking to a former DJ who has  listened to songs back in the days of some of toady's big name artistes and noticed their potential to become hits even before they became hits” AJ Da hottest said.

AJ Da hottest said in his days he carefully listened to the songs of upcoming artistes in the beginning of their careers like "Swagger" by Rough & Smooth and "Like Father Like Son" by Konfi who are household names in Ghana today and had the insights to know such songs among many others, had the potential to become commercial hits.

"The songs by Rough & Smooth and Konfi are just a few of the many hits I discovered and gave a lot of airplay in my time as a radio DJ even when back in my days on air no one really gave those songs a chance. Yet today look how far they've come as successful hits. All am saying is listeners are not sound engineers and even those who are will honestly give a song the deserving break when it has hit potentials, unless they are being dishonest with their opinions." -- AJ said.
Benkemormi according to AJ is a commercial style song for the people designed to make the Ghanaian listener dance. Listeners of the songs on the airwaves for the most part don’t care about these so called technical stuff involving sound engineering and "I wish Willi Roi and Oteng of AM Pluzz were at my show with Stonebuoy and friends on July 1, 2016 to see the positive reaction of the crowd when I did my first live performance of it, something I have videos and photos of to support."

“These two individuals whom I mentioned by name need to know that times are changing and if they can not get with the changes then they need to sit back because sound engineers like Danny Beatz who worked on my latest single and a couple other tracks of mine have a lot of credibility and have made hit songs for many.”

For these AM Pluzz show individuals to damn the work of Danny Beatz which negatively affects the works of others like him with their talk about beat progression of the Benkemormi track being the same from start to end is laughable according to AJ. When one listens to Shatta Wale’s Kakai they can quickly realize that it has the same beat progression style from the beginning to the end and yet it is the biggest song in Ghana today.

Stonebwouy’s Go Higher was critiqued in the same manner by these two individuals on the AM Pluzz show yet that song is today a major hit in Ghana. “I personally do not have a problem being constructively criticized but when your critique really has nothing to do with the value of the subject and rather goes to attack the person of the individual sound engineer and their art then it becomes an issue with me” AJ argued.

AJ said he personally thinks It is about time that Sammy Flex, the host of AM Pluzz Show gets rid of those two so called experts so they don't confuse and misinform the public or run the credibility of his station and hard working sound engineers to the ground.

AJ gave shout outs to Producer/musician/Sound Engineer Danny Beatz for his great work on commercializing a lot of songs in Ghana and the beat of his single Benkemormi which is was released July 1, 2016. 

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