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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Shatta Wale Slams Ghanaian Music Video Directors & Tags Them ''Lazy''

Well if you thought Shatta Wale's new management and steps to re brand himself will perhaps stop him from ranting then you guessed wrong. 

The dancehall massive, who has come to be known as someone who freely expresses his opinion when he sees fit, earlier Saturday morning in a post had unpleasant words directed at Ghanaian directors. 

In what seemed to be an answer to numerous fans asking when his next music video will be out, especially when his two biggest hits "Kakai" and "Hol'IT" are yet to boast of motion pictures. 

Shatta Wale took to his Facebook page to explain why we haven't seen any recent video from him. 

He posted; "None of my Loyal fans should complain about me doing videos cuz all the video directors in Ghana just have their favorite artiste so they tend to delay me in their editing when i shoot with them" Putting the blame on directors with no specific names, he further added; "All i want to take this opportunity to tell the whole that am fed up with these lazy video directors in Ghana"#notime

Shatta Wale concluded his rant by heaping praise on Nigerian directors, "that's why Nigerians are making it big in the world..Shame on you all ..How can i shoot a video and u dont want to edit it..God is watching you".