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Friday, February 19, 2016

Even P-square Who Are Blood Related Could Fight Openly - Praye

Ghanaian group, Praye, sparked tabloids and blogs a few months ago, when they decided to re-united as a duo. The decision raise many questions,  as many asked why Choirmaster wasn't included in the comeback and why they split up in the first instance.

The group, who released a statement released on the 4th of November, last year stated, "The management of Broomx Entertainment, wishes to officially announce a new era in Ghanaian Music ", as they wished choirmaster the best and thanked their fans. Next, they went on to thrill the Tigo Music Unplugged, at the kumasi sports stadium.

In a twisted turn of events, the group took to their twitter handle (PrayeGhana), to make an announcement. In a series of tweets, the group announced their unwillingness to further answer questions about why they split.

"We've stopped answering questions on why we broke up. Our sole duty is deliver hits like we have done in the past. #Kportor" , the group twitter, before going on to write many other tweets, eplaining their decision.

In one of the tweets, the called out Nigerian duo, P-square, stating "Even P-square who are blood/twins could fight openly. Did we bring our disagreement on social media? We were mature and sensitive to y'all." 

The group ended the rants, by announcing their presence at the Freedom Concert in Kumasi. They also hinted on a new song.

view the content of their twitter rant below