Thursday, May 15, 2014

AAMHF(@AdomaMemorial) Calls on Korle-Bu While Reaching Out To 4 Year Old Evans

On Friday, May 9th, David Maja and Awenseba Sofo Ali - Akpajiak, executive members of the Akua Adoma Memorial Hope Foundation (AAMHF) visited the neurosurgical ward of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital to make a donation of Gh1000 cedis on the foundation’s behalf to a four and a half year old patient, Evans Osei suffering from a Posterior Fossa Tumour ( Medulloblastoma) with Obstructive Hydrocephalus.

The manner of this tumor being malignant and aggressive located in the region of the brain stem pressed against parts of the brain responsible for coherence, balance, swallowing and speech. Such is the severity of the tumor that the patient has to be fed through a tube. The presiding doctor of the neurosurgical ward, Dr. Darkurah, a general physician by practice shed light on Evans plight to the foundation members.

The money donated was presented to the presiding nurse who stood in place of Evans’ mother as she was not around at the time of visit. An aunt of the patient stood to bear witness to the transaction between the two foundation members and the presiding nurse. Pictures of Evans and short videos were taken to mark the occasion. Also a member of the foundation took pictures with a compliant Dr. Darkurah for future purposes.

Aside Evans’ case, the two members engaged in a short but very informative discussion with Dr. Darkurah.  It was made aware to the members that Korle-Bu does not have an intensive care unit and there are only about two in Ghana. Dr Darkurah stressed the importance of an ICU since it is a means of ensuring that a patient undergoing life threatening surgery in Korle-Bu has a better chance of survival. When asked how much it would cost, Dr. Darkurah smirked and stipulated millions of dollars - the exact sum not being definite.

After talks with Dr. Darkurah, Awenseba took interest to a baby lying in a crib. After making enquiries about the baby’s condition, she learnt that the baby had a soft membrane-like bulge from the center of her scalp. The cause being the infant’s brain sticking out of its fragile cranium.

She again noticed that it was a relatively successful procedure to undergo but due to the lack of Gh 3000 cedis was not possible at the time. The Gh 3000 cedis tag was only because of the amount of money it took to stay overnight insinuating that it could be cheaper provided money is paid earlier instead of waiting for arrears to accumulate.

 By CypressGhana

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