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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Musician Kofi Nino Meets Multi Millionaire Richard Obahor

Ghanaian musician and Co-Founder of Black British Entertainment Kofi Nino met Multi-millionaire Richard Obahor to discuss how UK Black entertainment can be enhanced with appreciating and supporting black talents.

Richard Obahor is multi Award Winning Property Investor, UK and Nigeria based Property Developer and lifestyle agent and the CEO of Purple Premium Estates.

During a closed up meeting in London, Kofi Nino explained when growing up in Ghana, he believed he had the best vocal talent as an Opera singer but never was he appreciated with an Award. 

"It got to a point that I wasn't expecting an Award from the organizers of Ghana Music Awards because I realized some of the board members do not truly understand the definition of good music. "I could see some interesting singers been awarded as best vocalists and its always made me smile." Kofi Nino said...

Because of the desire to recognize and celebrate black talent in the UK, Kofi Nino and his partner  Jean Gasho founded Black British Entertainment Network. The Network will be launching its first anual BBE AWARDS in UK in October 2017.

The aim of the BBE AWARDS is to celebrate black talent in Britain.

Mr Obahor promised to support the much anticipated first BBE AWARDS this year.

Black British Entertainement Awards will feature high profiled personalities in entertainment industry within the black British community.