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Saturday, July 8, 2017

Hacked or Gone Mad? Christabel Ekeh Goes Naked On Instagram

Actress and model Christabel Ekeh who has been off the screens for a while has released some totally naked pictures she posted on her instagram page yesterday night.

However, a post by Christabel Ekeh got everyone shocked and surprised as she shared a naked/nude pictures of herself on her Instagram page.

She posted three (3) pictures with three (2) different styles; Yoga and the other two, I don’t know if she is a ‘Buddhist’ without captioning them, but the actress has a “F*CK U” inscription at her back of the picture.
This has led many of her followers and fans very disappointed. With some suggesting her account has been hacked, others believe she posted it herself, but she is yet to confirm whether those photos were posted by herself or not.

Fortunately, those nude pictures posted on her Instagram had been deleted now. Though, this is not the first time for such a lifestyle from the “Potomanto” actress.

So what’s actual wrong with these so called female celebrity , advertising and selling their bodies or they don’t have anything importance to busy themselves?